2012 IST Award Winning Tanning Lotions

FAVORITE TINGLE: MODERN BOMBSHELL This legendary hottie is now hotter than EVER with a 300XX sizzle and a 16X bronzing blend that deliver sexy, dark, alluring color sure to heat up the silver screen. Featuring a groundbreaking Oxygen Infused Anti-Aging Emulsion to give you a timeless look to be admired for years to come. Beauty may be is fleeting, but BombShells are eternal!
300XX Ultimate Sizzle Complex provides immediate color through an ultra intense tingle and reddening sensation– 16X Bronzer with Ultra Pure DHA, MelanINK™ Bronzing Technology, and natural bronzers provide deep rich, color – Oxygen Infused Age-Defying Concentrate helps promote increased brightness and rejuvenation to dull, lifeless skin  


FAVORITE BRONZER: JWOWW BLACK BRONZER Dark Natural Bronzers and Melanin Enhancers work together to enhance sexy, dark color.
Hemp Seed Oil and Black Current Oil are a combination of superior moisturizers which prepare skin for dark color.
Kukui Nut Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil are natural skin conditioning agents that are packed with vitamins and rich nutrients.
Vitamins A & E anti-oxidants that help block lipid peroxidation in cells and tissues.
Berry Flirty Fragrance
FAVORITE NON-TINGLE: ACCELERATOR The Number One Indoor Dark Tanning Formula
Ideal choice for all skin types and at any stage of the tanning process.

Packed with the right ingredients for fast, dark tanning results and protection from the adverse effects of UV exposure.Vitamin E moisturizes and protects skin from UV stress.
Classic Australian Gold Fragrance






FAVORITE SCENT: HOT MESS Replenishing Ultra-Bronzer – the most harmonious blend of natural golden bronzers for the red carpet
Caffeine and Green Tea Extract – solution of superoxide-scavenging antioxidants is our strongest free radical neutralizer.
Jump start your body, skin and tan with our Hot Mess™ breakthrough formula. Designed to provide your body essential nutrients for hydrated, healthy-looking skin utilizing Lychee Fruit and Green Tea. Caffeine and Matrixyl will energize your soul and
help reduce the signs of a late night out…enough said.






FAVORITE PACKAGE: COUTURE NOIR Devoted Couture Noir Indoor Tanning Lotion Your perfect bronzed potential is now within reach…With Couture Noir all of your fantasies will be fulfilled. Let this luxurious silicone blend drench your skin with a silky, radiant feel. The Rapid Release bronzing blend will allow
dark color to develop faster, for deeper, darker more even long lasting results. To get over that bronzing peak, come over to the dark side.
With PhloreTan™ – works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and evens the skin tone.
Body Fit™ Technology – reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness.



OVERALL FAVORITE LOTION: SINFULLY BLACK Indulge your guilty pleasures with this deviously dark bronzing formula that will instantly make others envious of your Sinfully Black color. No need to repent! Be proud of your dark, rich color! You’ll get greedy with this 15x bronzing brew of natual extracts and skin
nourishing vitamins for skin so soft and gorgeous it will be lusted over. Being this dark is sinful.

Deviously Dark Bronzers: Advanced bronzers work together for deep, dark color.
Sinful Skin Softeners: Combination of Vitamins and oils soften and smooth skin.

2012 IST Award Winners!
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on “2012 IST Award Winning Tanning Lotions
One Comment on “2012 IST Award Winning Tanning Lotions

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