Current Top Ten Best Selling Tanning Lotions

The latest numbers are in and the Kardashian girls are showing off with 3 of their new formulas hitting the top ten. We confess, we are big fans ourselves and we are beside ourselves with how amazing the fragrances are! Let’s have a look at each of America’s favorite tanning lotions!

10. Conceited : The Perfect 10X Bronzer. Photo Ready Airbrush Technology

Candy Crush Fragrance

Love you or hate you – no one can deny you’re fierce! So attract the attention you deserve with a dark, look-at-me shade of bronze! Spoil yourself with Designer Skin’s notorious 10X bronzing power wrapped in an illuminating base with an airbrush finish. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a magazine and everyone else will be green with envy. Jealousy is an illness, get well soon! *10X Bronzer * Photo Ready Airbrush Technology * QuickSun Technology provides bronze color after just one minute, while DS ProBronze Extend allows color to still develop after tanning and last days longer. * Photo Ready Airbursh Technology provides a matte finish to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. * Illuminating Opal Extracts help to enhance skin radiance for a luminous glow.

*Contains Nuts, Silicone and Aloe, DHA and Erythrulose

* Hemp and Gluten Free

* Not tested on animals!


9. JWOWW - Black Bronzer -

A special blend of dark natural bronzers and melanin enhancers work together to enhance sexy, dark color.

Hemp Seed and Black Currant Oil: Combination of superior moisturizers prepare skin for dark color.

Sexy Skin Blend: Combination of vitamins, sunflower oil and Kukui Nut Oil smooth and soften skin.

Hemp Seed Oil: Considered to be the most nourishing of all oils available, providing the body with complete nutrition. It contains anti-oxidants, amino acids, carotene, phytosterols, phospholipids, as well as a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, zinc, and phosphorous. Contains all twenty known amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids; also contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E…

Berry Flirty Fragrance




8. Kardashian Glow Natural Bronzer:  Luxe Silicone Natural Bronzer

Skin Brightening

Gel Bronzing Network

Enticing Tangerine Fragrance

Natural Bronzing Complex wrapped in a unique gel network, ensures an even application for instantly dark, streak-free color without the use of DHA

Skin Brightening Formula imparts skin with a bright, illuminating glow

* Hypoallergenic, Paraben and Gluten Free. Ideal for sensitive skin. * DHA and Erythrulose Free * Aloe, Hemp Gluten and Paraben Free * Not tested on animals *




7. Splurge – Bedazzling 19X Gem Infused Bronzer with DreamWear Silicone Emulsion.

Sweet Lime Citrus Fragrance.

Turning heads doesn’t come cheap! When it comes to looking your best, spare no expense. Invest in the finest bronzing skincare with this 19X bronzer suspended in our groundbreaking DreamWare Silicone Emulsion. Adorn your skin with extravagant collection of crushed gems, exclusively blended into a luxurious base, for a luminous glow you can take to the bank. Your blinged out bronze is worth every penny!

19X DS ProBlend Extend Bronzing Technology combines the finest instant and delayed bronzers with Pure Solar Peptides for optimal results after one session.

Bedazzling Gem Blend of Diamond, Pearl, Turquoise and Opal Extracts each provide skin its own unique skin conditioning power for beautifully radiant skin.

Designer Skin Exclusive DreamWear Silicone Emulsion helps provide intense hydration, while magically blurring fine lines to leave skin velvety soft. Contains DHA and Erythrulose  -  Aloe, Hemp, and Gluten Free – Contains Nuts – Not tested on animals!


6. Legally Dark: 18 x Color Lover Bronzer Caffeine and Hemp

Fruity Coconut Fragrance

18x Color Lover Bronzers-Black Walnut Shell and Caramel provide instant, DHA-free dark results, while melanin-enhancing Tyrosine helps develop deeper color that lasts.

Toning-Caffeine is an organic compound that energizes and firms skin for improved performance and texture. Dry-Flo helps fill in lines and wrinkles for skin that looks toned and youthful.

Hemp Seed Oil-Contains the optimal balance of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids for protecting the skin and maintaining the integrity of the cell walls. Results in more elastic skin that is firmer, conditioned and moisturized.

Shea Butter and Safflower Oil provide extra moisture while strengthening for soft, touchable skin.

Vitamin C provides age-defying, anti-wrinkle properties for a youthful glow.



5. Kardashian Glow Tan Extender

Luze Silicone Tan Extender

Vitamin C Infused

Sweet Blossom Bouquet Fragrance

Rich Flower Oil offers deep moisturization, while providing powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from damaging elements.

Vitamin C helps nuetralize free radicals that impact skin in a daily basis, while helping to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Nut, Hemp and Gluten Free

Contains Aloe

16 oz bottle


4. Sinfully Black

15X Deviously Dark Bronzer: Monoi de Tahiti, Black Walnut Extract and other natural bronzers give deep, dark, streak-free color.

Color Enhancer: Hemp Seed Extract is a natural oil extract rich in enzymes that softens and conditions to increase UV lihjt absorption for maximum color.

Moisturizers: One of nature’s best moisturizers, Aloe Vera, provides intense moisture to the skin.

Combination of Vitamins, Sunflower Oil, and Kukui Nut Oil sooth and soften skin.

Temptuous Berry Fragrance





3. Kardashian Glow Dark Bronzer

Bronze color perfection with a kiss of Kardashian!

Luxe Silicone Dark Bronzer

RejuvaceII Anti-Aging Complex

Mattifying Formula

Lime Nectarine Fragrance

Long Wear Bronzers with Peridot Extracts penetrate deep for a long lasting glow while helping to nuetralize free radicals.

RejuvaceII Complex helps to regenerate skin cells for vibrant younger looking sking.

Mattifying Formula dries quickly for a shine free glow

Luxe Silicone infused base nourishes and hydrates skin leaving it velvety soft

* Contains DHA and Erythrulose * Aloe, Hemp, and Gluten Free * Not tested on animals

2. Hardcore Black

Dark Envy Fragrance

30X Bronzers: Natural Bronzers and Tyrosine are combined with Australian Golds exclusive DermaDark bronzing blend. Together, they deliver instantly dark, gorgeous color.

Enticing Hemp Seed Oil works from the inside out resulting in more elastic skin that is firmer, conditioned and moisturized.

Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 condition and penetrate deep for smooth, soft skin.

Tan Fresh ingredients deliver a fresh invigorating after-tan fragrance.





NUMBER ONE BEST SELLING TANNING LOTION – Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator

No surprise here. This is in fact the number one indoor tanning product and has been for what seems like forever!

Ideal choice for all skin types and at any stage of the tanning process.

  • Dark Tanning Results – Packed with the right ingredients for fast, dark tanning results and protection from the adverse effects of UV exposure.
  • Botanical Essences supply important nutrients for dark color.
  • Vitamin E mositurizes and protects skin from UV stress.
  • Classic Australian Gold Fragrance





So there we have the latest.  Let us know what you love the most!  We love to hear from you.  Until then, have a beautiful, sunshiney day!




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