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Hello Tanners! It’s the middle of summer, the air is warm, the nights are long and we are living it up! We thought it might be nice to share the entirity of our full body tanning essentials because everyone here has a system behind her bronze perfection and none of them consist of a single tanning product. Don’t get us wrong, the tanning lotion itself is essential and the right one makes all the difference but it takes more then just that. Some of us have a harder time tanning our legs than others. Some of us require lotions with DHA and some sunless tanner which requires skin prep items while others are blessed with easily sun kissed skin and need only intensifiers. All of us need and adore our daily moisturizers but most of us have a different favorite. So here we go:

Amy’s Kit – Amy is among the harder to tan skin types and she has to take it slow to get started. She can’t miss a session or she loses color quick and she has to start her sessions at around seven minutes and slowly work her way up or she will burn. Here at Beautiful Bronze Tanning there is nothing we loathe more then skin damage so she also has Sunscreen among her must haves for the days she is outside in an uncontrolled environment.  Here is what Amy’s SunShine bag holds:

Australian Gold Accelerator - This product speeds up your ability to get a base tan in an unreal way. All hard to tan skin types should be using this, and once they start a season with it, they never go without it again.  At the start of season she uses it everyday, even on non-tanning days. This formula preps your skin and starts the tanning process before you ever get in the bed. Harder to tan skin types require shorter tanning sessions so it sometimes feels like as soon as we really start getting something its time to get out of the bed. This one gets in the bed ready to go and makes even a short session a big step towards a base tan.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown: This is another lotion that every skin type loves. One trick we all use is to alternate two lotions. Cheeky Brown is just the one for Amy’s Skin type. It keeps the accelerators coming but adds some bronzer. Nothing too dark, nothing that is going to streak, but a touch of color that helps her and everyone around her see results faster than without it.

Australian Gold Bronze Minerals Legs : This is the perfect solution for slower to tan skin types which can’t seem to get their legs dark enough. It contains loads of skin care, healthy skin tans better and color lasts longer, it also has a bio-active tanning technology that delivers color to even the hardest skin types. Amy’s fun too and she loves the gentle shimmer this offers.

Australian Gold SPF 15 – This is super water resistant and just what you need for outdoor play no matter the level of sunshine.

Hemp Nation Tan Extending Moisturizer - This is a favorite for so many tanners. It’s loaded with Shea, Jojoba, Vitamins A, E and B5.

Gina’s Kit:  Gina is blessed with Cherokee blood and she gets darker then the rest of us just going out to get her mail everyday. It doesn’t take much to get her tan so her tanning kit contains products which are focused on putting back the vitamins and minerals that skin take out. Here is what she keeps well stocked!

Devoted Creations Couture Noir : This is a rapid release bronzing blend but Gina loves it for all the anti-aging, the reduction in dark spots , the reduction in collagen and the incredible Island Passion fragrance. This lotion is great for every skin type but because she can pick from everything she has and this is her all time favorite.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses : As I mentioned, we all like to switch and Gina loves this one for the coconuts!  This is an amazing intesifier!

Super Skinny Hydration: This is Gina’s go -to daily moisturizer!  We all love it but she won’t be without it. Another cellulite fighter with Shea, Jojoba and Vitamin E and also, a pineapple-coconut fragrance.

HD Famous Face : The truth is, there is not a female employee here that doesn’t use this. Gina found it first though, and we all noticed the results and fell in love ourselves.  Here is the clinical data on this miracle worker: Show 75% improvement in skin firmness, 66% improvement in skin texture, 88% improvement in skin moisturization and 84% improvement in skin dryness. Yup – you want this, doesn’t matter who you are or what your skin type.

Lisa’s Kit : Our Earthy Girl: Now all of us love the earth around here but if Mother Nature ever had a Poster Girl, Lisa would be her. She has taught us all about natural cleaners, botanicals, organics and she recycles and contributes in community clean ups. She’s precious. She is what we refer to as an intermediate to advanced tanner but her choices are based on results AND how earth-friendly they are. Here you have them:

Classic Sydney Black Bronzer : This is an all natural organic bronzer. It uses Organic Black Walnut Shell, Carrot Extract and Banana Extract for instant color and it contains Organic Honey Extract, Organic Orange Extract and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil as well as Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil for outstanding skin care and moisturization.

Hempz 20X Bronzer : Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil – Organic Pomegranate Extract, Vitamins A, E & C, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Green Tea Extract combined with DHA and natural streak free bronzers for natural looking results. The Just Peachy fragrance is another plus.

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer : Enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil and blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment to help improve the health and condition of skin. Lisa sometimes buys this by the gallon it’s so amazing!

My Kit: I am a hardcore Designer Skin fan and I have hard to tan skin but I don’t let that stop me. Here is what is in my SunShine Kit!

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator: I know I just said I am a hardcore Designer fan and I meant it whole heartedly but I need this product because I am impatient and I need to get my base tan fast. So I start with this, everyday, using it as  a moisturizer on my non-tanning days.

Designer Skin Designer : I love it because its quick!  Once they took away my Masquerade I thought I would never be satisified again but then, I tried a sample of this and it’s instant color but it looks so natural and it has the matte finish I crave.

Designer Skin Splurge : OK I only use the accelerator to establish a base but once I have that done I alternate between Designer and Splurge. I adore gem infused lotions and this one also offers a 19x bronzer which is right where I want to be. It also contains delayed bronzers so I just keep getting darker! Love LOVE LOVE IT!

Body by Designer Tan Extender : OK I have a bit of an obsession with moisturizers and hence I currently have five different bottles right now, Swedish Beauty’s Aloe There, California Tan’s Smooth, California Tan’s Expose, Body Drench Island Coconut Lime, and my Body by Designer. I choose it as my must have because this is the one that I also have a bottle of in my travel bag and I always recommend to my friends. Though, admittedly, I love them all!






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