Latest Top Ten Best Selling Tanning Lotions

With the newest lotions finally available we have our first chance to see what America is loving the most!  Four brand new 2013 tanning lotions have already made their way into the latest Top Ten!  Check out the details:

#10  - JWOWW’s 50X Black Bronzer - No surprise here. Tanners have been loving the combination of instant and delayed bronzers which deliver a deep, natural looking tan in no time at all. This lotion also features a favorite scent, Italian Kiss!





Forever After Daily Moisturizer#9 Forever After – Australian Gold’s Tan Extending Moisturizer has maintained a position on the top ten list for a long time now. There are so many moisturizers to choose from so why is this the continued favorite? We suspect it has something to do with the  triple action anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex and Hemp Seed Extract it’s loaded with. It also helps that this moisturizer gives you a full 24 hours of silky soft skin. No need to re- apply again and again. Looks like we may be seeing this one forever after in the hands of tanners nationwide.



#8 Juicy Gossip – And we have here the premier of a brand new Designer Skin formula, debuting in the Top Ten!  Personally, the packaging alone is almost enough to inspire a purchase for me. Deeper consideration reveals a formula that clearly deserves a spot at the top! This juice based intensifier formula is packed with antioxidants, tons of skin care and the White Peach Fragrance is delicious!




#7 Conceited – Again, a newbie emerges as a new favorite! Wow – Conceited features everything we crave in a lotion. It’s a 10X Bronzer with PhotoReady Airbrush Technology, Illuminating Opal Extracts and get this, it delivers color in ONE MINUTE!  Talk about taking care of your tan during your lunch hour, this one can manage it in a coffee break!  Plus, again Designer Skin’s packaging has us smiling! Absolutely lovely!



#6 JWOWW – Again, JWOWW formula’s insist on being listed with the best, because they are the best.  Here we find her premier lotion, JWOWW. Jenni Farley sincerely meant it when she said she would be personally involved with all of her formulas. She took part in every part of developement from the formula to the packaging and she did a great job! The numbers can’t lie, America loves her tanning lotions! This one also won an Industry Choice Award! 




#5 Splurge – Designer Skin’s third tanning lotion from their 2013 line comes in at Number Five!  We suspected this would be the favorite from all of their new stuff and we were right. ;) What made us so confident? Splurge offers a 19X Bronzer – Gem Infused with Diamond, Turquoise, Pearl and Opal Extracts. Ooh La La! It also features their new DreamWare Silicone Emulsion Technology which transforms skin. Super Silky Skin! The Sweet Lime Fragrance and again, the packaging convinced us this formula would be beloved! 



#4 Legally Dark -  a newbie from Australian Gold!  This lotion contains elements that made us fall in love with Sinfully Black but it bumps things up. While Sinfully Black offers 15X Bronzers, Legally Dark offers 18X. It also offers Black Walnut and Caramel Extracts for instant color.  Affordable, adorable and it delivers a dark tan!  What more could be asked of a new lotion?




#3 Sinfully Black - Sinfully Black doesn’t care about the difference of 15X and 18X- it’s standing strong at number 3.  This lotion has become a favorite for so many tanners that loyalty alone has ensured it stays in the top three. If you have tried it, you know it works, you know it smells great, and you love that it is affordable!




#2 Hardcore Black – Geez, Australian Gold is absolutely dominating the top tops with lotions from it’s Good Collection. No wonder though, these are good lotions, so wicked good lotions if you ask America! HardCore Black with it’s 30X bronzer, screams,  na na na boo boo 15 and 18X to both Legally Dark and Sinfully Black!  What can we say, it’s outstanding lotion!





Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator – Well, we have seen a lot of changes in this list but some things never change. This go to , must have, tanning lotion has stayed in the top for year after year after year!  This formula is unreal and every skin type benefits from the formula. We always recommend starting out the season with a bottle of this one before you even consider any other formula.  A dark base tan fast, no matter how you tan!



So there they are!  Did your favorite make the list?  If not, send us a comment. We want to hear your opinion, fellow Sun Worshippers!  Let us know what you want to try first out of the newbies!  Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a beautiful, sunshiny day!

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One Comment

on “Latest Top Ten Best Selling Tanning Lotions
One Comment on “Latest Top Ten Best Selling Tanning Lotions
  1. Australian golds legally dark tanning lotion is awesome I have used it for the first time this year 2012 and the results are just fantastic the bronze color is amazing. Also the Australian gold dual bronzing and accelerator is great to for fast beginning results.

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