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Summer acted as though it would never come this year. Sure, there were times it peeked its head up and drove away the cold briefly, but left us nothing more then teased. So when this week arrived with a confident weather man promising high temps and gorgeous days, we wanted to believe. A few days in and we dared ask, “Summer, is that really you?” Alas, it IS here.

After my initial delight and the gleeful sorting through of summer clothes I realized to my horror, I am white as a sheet! All these adorable clothes, and me with skin so white it would likely reflect the sun rather then absorb it. Usually I am well into my tanning season and prepared with a golden glow by the time I haul these outfits out but this year, well, it was SO cold, for SO long! It was so easy to put off tanning.

For those of you like me, we need not panic just yet. There are lotions that can deliver super dark color and do it so fast we can pretend we never procrastinated. No one has to know. Our summer wardrobe can be appropriately complimented.  Here they are but slow down, Sun Goddess, you must prep your skin first. Even the best formula out there needs a healthy base to look its best and last the longest. We need an exfoliator and a moisturizer to proceed our lotion. May I make a few suggestions?

Dark Tan Fast Shopping List

1. Body Drench Grapefruit Exfoliator

2. After All Body Butter

3. Cypher Face Instant Bronze

4. JWOWW One and Done Bronzer

Now, I am insistent on a completely natural looking tan so you can rest assured that though this JWOWW lotion gets your several shades darker in a single session, it in no way stains or leaves you that hideous orange that certain department stores brands deliver. No, it leaves you looking naturally sun-kissed, as though you just returned from the Islands. It offers a yogurt base which skin absolutely adores and I would be willing to bet we will see a lot more of next season. It’s also loaded with Shea and Vitamin E, and the Asian Pear fragrance is outstanding. Here is the whole deal on the fragrancec:  Top Notes: Pear, Berries, Sweet Peach, Apple, Plums, Melon and Raspberry Mid Notes: Tiger Lilly Bottom Notes: Bourbon Vanilla and Musk

This lotion is unreal and just what we need to dive into summer and summer clothes in a hurry. Hello Summer! We are so glad to see you!

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