Ten New Designer Skin Tanning Lotions

Ten – yes ten, brand new tanning lotions from the creative geniuses at Designer Skin!  We are so excited about their 2013 product line we can hardly contain ourselves!  Let’s get right to it!


Ruby 19X Sizzle Bronzer

Ruby – Whimsical 19X Sizzle Bronzer with Cooling Gem Infused DreamWear Silicone Emulsion.

Exotic Fruits and Vanilla Tingle!
Cooling! And Gems! OMG! Prepare yourself for a fantastical sensory experience! Feel the heat of our Ruby infused tingle, intertwined with spicy Capsaicin Fruit, the minute it hits your skin. Just when you think you can’t take handle the heat…. Refreshing Emerald Cooling Essence with Licorice Extract will soothe your skin, leaving behind the darkest shade of bronze imaginable! No magical slippers required!
Fragrance: Fresh Camu Camu Technology:
* Dual Action Sizzle and Cooling Essences work together to help provide intense heat while tanning with a skin shivering after feel.
*19X Bronzing Fantasy combines the finest natural bronzers with MelanInk Technology to deliver sizzling hot color.
*Designer Skin Exclusive DreamWear Silicone Emulsion helps to provide intenst hydration, while magically blurring fine lines to leave skin feeling velvety soft!
Contains DHA -
Erythrulose Free -
Nut, Aloe, Hemp and Gluton Free -
Not tested on animals. 13.5 oz bottle

19X Gem Infused Bronzer

Splurge -  Bedazzling 19X Gem Infused Bronzer with DreamWear Silicone Emulsion.

Sweet Lime Citrus Fragrance.
Turning heads doesn’t come cheap! When it comes to looking your best, spare no expense. Invest in the finest bronzing skincare with this 19X bronzer suspended in our groundbreaking DreamWare Silicone Emulsion. Adorn your skin with extravagant collection of crushed gems, exclusively blended into a luxurious base, for a luminous glow you can take to the bank. Your blinged out bronze is worth every penny!
*19X DS ProBlend Extend Bronzing Technology combines the finest instant and delayed bronzers with Pure Solar Peptides for optimal results after one session.
*Bedazzling Gem Blend of Diamond, Pearl, Turquoise and Opal Extracts each provide skin its own unique skin conditioning power for beautifully radiant skin.
* Designer Skin Exclusive DreamWear Silicone Emulsion helps provide intense hydration, while magically blurring fine lines to leave skin velvety soft.
Contains DHA and Erythrulose -
Aloe, Hemp, and Gluten Free -
Contains Nuts -
Not tested on animals!
The Perfect 10X BronzerConceited – The Perfect 10X Bronzer.
Photo Ready Airbrush Technology
Candy Crush Fragrance
Love you or hate you – no one can deny you’re fierce! So attract the attention you deserve with a dark, look-at-me shade of bronze! Spoil yourself with Designer Skin’s notorious 10X bronzing power wrapped in an illuminating base with an airbrush finish. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a magazine and everyone else will be green with envy. Jealousy is an illness, get well soon!
*10X Bronzer
* Photo Ready Airbrush Technology
* QuickSun Technology provides bronze color after just one minute, while DS ProBronze Extend allows color to still develop after tanning and last days longer.
* Photo Ready Airbursh Technology provides a matte finish to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
* Illuminating Opal Extracts help to enhance skin radiance for a luminous glow.
*Contains Nuts, Silicone and Aloe
* Contains DHA and Erythrulose
* Hemp and Gluten Free
* Not tested on animals!
13.5 oz bottle
A Pulp-Free Juice-Based IntensifierJuicy Gossip -  A Pulp Free Juice-Based Intesifier Passion Peach Juice Fusion with VitaPlus
* Hemp and Aloe Free
Pssst… Drench your skin in Juicy Gossip! Rich with the most powerful antioxidants and lavish tanning ingredients, this lush intensifier will give you the dark results you’ve been craving. Immerse yourself in the exclusive passion fruit juice-based formula, with an extra punch of peach, for superior skin nourishment. It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure… You know you love it!
* Fragrance – White Peach
* Unique Passion Peach Juice Fusion contains antioxidants along with Potassium & Beta Carotene, specially blended in a light weight formula.
* Potent Peptide and Tyrosine intensifiers work to deliver a natural, even bronze… Fast!
* VitaPlus Blend features a coveted mix of Vitamins and skin conditioners to help promote younger looking skin.
* DHA and Erythrulose Free
* Nut, Aloe, Hempa dn Gluten Free
* Not tested on animals!
13.5 oz bottle
Dark 7X BronzerMr. Big Time – Bronzer.
Rainforest Fragrance.
Exceptionally Dark 7x Bronzer Hydrating Cream Oil Formula Finally, a tanning lotion to match your larger then life ego! Some call it arrogant, but let’s call it confident… and no one can resist a man with confidence! So double up your sexy with this powerfully dark tanning lotion, featuring low maintenance bronzers for perfect color every time. Complete with a sensual woodsy fragrance that is sure to attract! Guys, meet your new wingman!
* Ultra advanced 7X bronzing power delivers dark, even and streak-free color
* Rich Cream Oil Base utilizes Hemp and Grape Seed Oil, uniquely blended with Shea Butter for deep moisturization,
* Anti-Fade Tattoo Protection mixes Aloe and Vitamins B5, with an infusion of Spearmint, to help maintain the vibrancy of tattoos
*Contains DHA and Erythrulose
* Contains Nuts, Aloe and Hemp
* Gluten and Paraben Free
* Not tested on animals!
13.5 oz Bottle
Natural BronzerNaked Ambition – Tanning Lotion Natural Bronzer.
Luscious Starfruit Fragrance.
Bare It All Natural Bronzer 3D Protect Technology with Opti-Glow.
It’s time to get naked! Strip down to nothing but bare, bronzed, beautiful skin. This hypoallergenic, natural bronzer will leave you with a sultry glow that is all your own. With perfectly blended Silk Amino Acids and Shea Butter, your skin will be irresistibly soft and touchable. What are you waiting for… take it all off!
* Bare It All Natural Bronzers infused with MelanInk Technology and Copper to provide naturally dark, even color without DHA and Erythrulose.
* Radiant Hydration Blend with Opti-Glow was designed especially for dry, sensitive skin to help restore suppleness and luminosity.
* Groundbreaking 3D Protect Technology locks in moisture, promotes skin cell regeneration and instantly cleanses, creating the trifecta of healthy skin.
* Hypoallergenic, Aloe, Hemp, Paraben and Gluten Free
* Contains Nuts
* Not tested on animals!
13.5 oz Bottle
7X Caramel Infused BronzerSteamy Confessions – Tanning Lotion Bronzer.
Tempting 7x Caramel Infused Bronzing Complex Ultra SteamXtreme with Skin Rehab Detox
Reveal your desire for sultry dark color. Release your inhibitions as you give in to the power of advanced 7X Bronzers, wrapped in a decadent warming base, for an irresistibly sexy, bronze glow. A steamy rendevous with our Skin Rehab Detox is sure to help rid skin of sinful toxins and free radicals. Everyone has a secret… What will you confess?
* 7X Bronzing Complex utilizes Caramel for an instant natural-looking bronze, while Camu Camu extract conditions skin to receive the darkest skin possible.
* Soothing, UV Activated SteamXtreme Technology combine with Skin Rehab Detox to help promote a radiant, smooth and even skin tone.
* DS ProBronze Extend ultilizes the perfect blend of DHA and Erythrulose for dtreak-free and longer lasting color, every time.
*Nut, Aloe, Hemp and Gluten Free
* Not tested on animals *
13.5 oz bottle
Facial BronzerClearly Obsessed Facial Bronzer -  
3.6 oz Bottle
Fragrance Free.
Skin Balancing Formula with Shine Control Oil-Free and Non Comedogenic.
Dark tanning facial bronzer created with sensitive skin in mind.
Contains ingredients to help balance and tone skin, while absorbing excess oil to control shine!
 Oil-free. Won’t clog pores.
Perfect to use as a daily moisturizer too!
* Non-Comedogenic and Oil-Free formula helps prevent the clogging of pores.
* The Skin Balancing formula helps reduce redness and even out skin tone for beautiful, fresh and clean skin!
* DS ProBronze Extend utilizes the perfect blend of DHA and Erythrulose for streak-free and longer lasting color, every time!
All Dolled Up IntensifierAll Dolled Up-

Tanning Lotion
Sweet and Sassy Dark Intensifier
Infused with Royal Berry
Pinkberry Fragrance
Hey Doll! Get glammed up with a dark intensifier that is sure to deliver sassy bronze color. Ken won’t be able to keep his eyes off you! Pamper your skin with a moisturizing blend of Natural Oils, Vitamins and Antioxidants to keep you looking perfectly polished. Go ahead and live out your fantasy.. Barbz will be jealous!
* Peptide and Tyrosine Blend helps to provide a deeper, darker bronze.
* Natural Oils provide moisturization, leaving skin with a healthy glow and prolonged tan.
* Coveted Royal Berry, filled with antioxidants, helps repair and tone skin.
* DHA and Erythrulose Free
* Contains Hemp
* Nut, Aloe and Gluten Free
* Not tested on animals *
8.5 oz bottle
Tiny Bubbles Body WashTiny Bubbles-

16 oz Bottle of Body Wash/Bubble Bath
Crushed Pineapple and Coconut Fragrance Tan Extending Body Wash + Bubble Bath
VitaPlus with Opti-Glow Blend
Splish! Splash! Wash your worries down the drain, not your beautiful tan! Lather up this rich and creamy formula to gently cleanse away dirt, oil and other impurities, while a nourishing blend of Natural Oils help to moisturize skin and protect bronze color. Follow up bath time with your favorite Designer Skin tan extender fort he ultimate skin pampering and long lasting color! You deserve it!
* Rich Moisturizing Formula utilizes mild skin cleansers infused with natural oils, leaving skin refreshed, hydrated and raidant.
* VitaPlus with Opti-Glow Blend features a coveted mix of vitamins and skin conditioners to help promote younger looking skin.
* Specially formulated to lather up in the shower or drizzle under warm water for a luxurious fragrant bubble bath!
*DHA and Erythrulose Free
* Nut, Aloe, Hemp, Gluten and Paraben Free
* Not tested on animals! *
Now that you are just as excited as we are, let us know what you want to try first!  Our office vote gives first dibs to Splurge but we all had to have the new body wash and are determined to try every last newbie!  
16 oz bottle

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