Earth Friendly Tanning Lotions

Hello Tanners! Today I thought we would discuss the many earth friendly products available to us. Many of the major lotion distributors have begun campaigns to do their part, making it a whole lot easier for us to do our part. So let’s just jump right into Mission Bronze Eco-Chic. You’re with me right?

Let’s take a moment to discuss why we want eco-friendly tanning lotions.

So, why do we want something Paraben-Free? Let’s begin by discussing what paraben’s are? Basically they are preservatives and they have been known to cause allergic reactions and rashes in sensitive skin types. They have also been linked to asthma and excema. The freakiest thing is that there are all sorts of studies going on trying to link them to breast cancer. However, please note the jury is still out on that one.

Natural products are produced with naturally derived ingredients. Not lab derived ingredients. Need I say more?

Organic: of, relating to, or derived from living matter

When considering organic ingredients in your skin care it is important to remember that skin is porous and absorbs whatever you put on it. If your products contain harmful ingredients then once it’s on you, it’s in you. Certainly worth considering.

Moving on… Why recycling is worth it – did you know that by recycling just 1 plastic bottle you can save between 100 to 1000 years in a landfill plus the emissions created in the production of new bottles? Cooler still, for every ton of plastic that is recycled we can save almost 2000 pounds of oil. So, why not?

Tanning Lotion Lines With Earth Friendly Options

Swedish Beauty was the first tanning lotion line to really make an eco-friendly effort and the results were honestly some of the most amazing products they have ever produced. They call their line, Botanica. The fun tag line – The Sexy Side of Green! Their natural approach to tanning introduced us to Paraben-Free, 95% Natural tanning lotions in recyclable bottles! I am including a list of their Botanica line. To get additional information on each product just click the name.

Botanica Tanning Lotion PosterPuritea – Intensifier with BioBronze Technology

*This lotion actually replaced last year’s Soy Dark. It’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients and detoxifies skin.

Honey, Face Facts – Naturally Dark Facial Tanner (BioBronze Blend)

Take Olive Me – Quick Delivery Advanced Bronzer with BioBronze Blend

Shea You Love Me – Moisture Intense HypoAllergenic Intensifier with BioBronze

Aloe There – Eco-Chic Color Boosting Moisturizer with Pure Botanical Extracts

I Mist You – Rejuvanating Body Spray

Grapeful – Ultra Dark Bronzer with BioBronze Technology

*This lotion replaced last year’s Henna Scent. It also offers the highest bronzing concentration of any tanning lotion in the Botanica Line.

Steal The Lime Light – Blemish Free Natural Bronzer with BioBronze Blend (This one is fragrance free – however it has a great smell. Seems contradictory, let me explain, no fragrance is added but this product contains lime and you can smell its essence. It’s awesome.)

Kelp Me – Ultra Moistruizing Advanced Bronzer with BioBronze Blend

Fig Get Me Not – Dark Tanning Bronzer with BioBronze Blend

Green With Envy - Enhanced DHA bronzer that's bound to boost your beauty reputation.

Sweet Escape -  Tyrosine Bronzer, Streak Free, Freedom Formula.

Be My Cherry Baby -  Natural Bronzers with Biobronze Blend and Tone and Tighten!

Kiwi Be Friends - Advanced DHA Bronzer - Contains Cocoa Extract, Safflower and Sunflower Oil!  Affordable yet powerful bronzing lotion!

In The Grove - This fresh and fruity natural bronzer unites nature with color to deliver a full bloom of bronze darkness.

Cute Cumber - DHA Bronzer - Non-comedigenic; Freedom formula - Gentle Bronzing Tanning Lotion with Boosted BioBronze Blend.


Swedish Beauty has several video clips you can check out too.



Australian Gold has contributed their part as well. Check out these brand new tanning lotions in the Classic Sydney Line. Each one is an organic based tanning product. They are all paraben-free, silicone-free, Vitamin Rich and contain all organic extracts. Also, all bottles are made of post consumer recycled bottles!

Sydney LogoSydney’s Classic Black Bronzer

Sydney's Classic 25power Black Bronzer

Sydney’s Classic Intensifier


So now that you are educated in the benefits and options available, you are now all set to be an environmentally friendly, Bronze Eco Chic. Keep in mind that these are not the options we have. Please feel free to search our site for other natural tanning lotions.

FUN FACT : Honey Face Facts, the facial lotion in Swedish Beauty’s botanical lines is among our top twenty best selling products. It is hypoallergenic and produces natural melanin. It also comes in their new airless tube which makes sure you every last drop of this amazing product. It should be used daily, not just when tanning.

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