Head to Toe Tanning Products

Tanning is a full body experience...

Let's take it from tip to toes.



Head - Shoulders - Knees and Toes - Knees and Toes....

Facial Tanning - When dealing with our faces we do need to take extra care and use exceptional products designed for this delicate tissue. However, it is unacceptable to

hide under our towels and have a face that doesn't match the rest of our lovely, bronzed bod. So come on ladies, throw the towels down and reach for a bottle of one our

facial accelerators today.

Swedish Beauty Honey Face Facts Swedish Beauty's Honey Face Facts is among the most popular choices for tanners. Why? It contains oatmeal, honey and all natural products which enhance melanin production while nourishing, calming and healing. This formula also contains aloe and vitamins a and e. 

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Knees and Toes - The problem that we run into here is dry skin- yuck. It's an issue worth dealing with though because it's easily removed and flaky skin does effect our

tanning results. A simple exfoliator can remove this nastiness and allow our lotions to work like they should without leaving any uneven or splotchy spots. Much better

and oh so affordable!

 Body Drench Grapefruit Sugar ScrubSo, this little piggy is reaching for Body Drench Candied Grapefruit Sugar Scrub and heading to the beach. It exfoliates away dull, dry and flaky buildup revealing

brighter, satiny-smooth and luminous skin. Water-activated, self-heating Micro-Crystals deeply warm and polish the skin, while Sugar and Apricot slough off dull

build-up. Achieve professional mini-peel results with daily use.

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Legs - Why oh why must legs be so hard to tan? Thank goodness for products like Designer Skin's Head Over Heels. Without them,

I would never wear shorts again. Nothing is worse then pasty white legs no matter how cute the summer wardrobe. On the other hand, nothing is better then flaunting

dark golden legs under a sexy summer sun dress or your favorite capri's. Yup, it's a simple choice with a simple solution.

Head Over Heels Tanning LotionHead Over Heels  Formulated with those hard-to-tan areas in mind, this mix of the darkest bronzers and subtle shimmer will deliver all the dazzling dark color your heart desires!


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Other Facial Accelerators worth considering:


Always put your best face forward. This intensifier is uniquely designed for delicate facial skin promoting a uniform golden glow. Clear Complexion Complex soothes and heals for picture perfect skin. Luscious Firming Blend tightens, nourishes and firms skin for a youthful radiance. Shine Control controls oil leaving you with perfectly flawless shine-free skin. Hypoallergenic properties allow even those with the most sensitive skin to have golden Smooth Faces™!



Cypher Face by California TanCypher Face by California Tan - Builds a faster, richer base tan by unlocking the proteins essential to the formation of Melanin with D-Cypher™

Complex and delivers beautifully bronzed color and softly accentuates facial features with Hi-Lite+ ™ Bronzers.





Thank you for reading this article. We hope it helps you make choices that will not meet but exceed your tanning goals. If you have questions about any products or the

science of tanning then we are here for you. Ask away! If you have a favorite we haven't listed here that works great for you then please share with us and we will share

with tanner's everywhere. We love your feedback!

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