Making It Simple - Basic Lamp Selection

Selecting the right lamps for you can become confusing. There are so many lamps to choose from. We thought we would try and help you out by breaking it down a little bit. Please note this is pretty basic and we want you to have the lamps most suitable fro your skin type and your tanning goals so please email us with any questions. We really are happy to help.



For those of you who want incredibly fast tanning sessions and crazy hot lamps then there are two choices you should consider. Please note these lamps are designed for advanced tanners only. Radiance offers the Radiance 9000 which offer 10 -14 minute maximum exposure times. Wolff offers the Velocity Extreme with 12-14 minute sessions and 1000 hours of expected service life!


On the other end of the spectrum you have those hard to tan skin types that need a gentle ray and a longer session time to really get the best results. These lamps are also great for tanners who love to lay to ease aches and pains. The longer session times can offer better relief. For you Wolff has designed the Diamond Sun lamps. These are suitable for all skin types and offer 20 minute session times. You may also consider the Radiance 5000 which offers 16 - 20 minute session times and 1200 hours of expected service life.



Most tanners fall into this category and that's why there are so many more options. If you are an intermediate to advanced tanner and want a natural looking bronze glow then check out the Dark Tan by Wolff! This lamp produces a very natural looking tan and offers 12-14 minute sessions. The Wolff Dark Tan is the residential option. In a commercial setting the Wolff Velocity is your best choice. The Velocity produces very similiar results but is designed for continuous run. Radiance offers the Radiance 7000 for this group and what's extra great about it is the 1200 hours of expected service life it offers.

For those of you who don't really fit into the HOT HOT HOT group but are advanced tanners, you should consider the Wolff Dark Tan Plus. These lamps are amazing bronzing lamps which offer 11-13 minute session times. In a commercial setting the Velocity Plus is the best option, again because of it's design for continuous run. Radiance offers the Radiance 8000 lamp which offers both instant color and a high expected service life of 1200 hours!


Selecting the correct lamp style is so important. The wrong style simply won't fit your bed. The good news is that it is not hard to figure out what you need and if you are having any problems, you only need to ask us. We know for you. Simply email the letters and numbers from the lamps currently installed in your bed and we can send you the information in no time at all.

To begin, check out the lamps in your bed now. You will see a brand name and underneath it you will see a series of letters and numbers.


Diamond Sun Velocity

DSS71T12100w VEL71T12100w

In the example above you will see that the lamp tells you it is an F71 style. This lamp is the most common lamp in most beds produced since 1996. These lamps have two pins on the end unlike the F72 or F73 lamp styles. The T12 represents the lamps diameter and all of the lamps we carry with the exception of facial lamps are T12. The 100w represent 100 watt lamps and here on eBay we keep it simple by only offering 100watt lamps. If a customer requires 160watt then they can ask and we will list but we will make it very clear that they are 160watt. So no worries there.

It gets a little bit trickier when you get into the RDC lamp styles which are the F72 and F73 lamp styles. We request that unless your lamp is specific you always send us your letters and numbers before ordering. An RDC lamp will have a black clip on the end instead of the bi pin and a lot of times the lamps will still be specific as in the example below.

Diamond Sun Velocity

DSS73T12100w VEL73T12100w

However you may run into something like this:

SA2-10-100w which is a Bellarium 73. So please, ask if you are uncertain. That's what we are here for :)


One last bit of information that may be helpful when all else fails.

F71 lamps should measure 69 3/8"

F72 lamps should measure 69 1/8"

F73 lamps should measure 70 1/8"

(Measurements are from the tip of one end cap to the tip of the other end cap)

Salon Lamp Orders

If you are a salon owner or manager and selecting lamps for your tanning beds then please keep in mind that many locations in the United States require that you meet the original OEM requirements. We have all of the lists here and are happy to email you a copy. If you do not comply with regulations then you could be fined or even closed. It's not necessary. We are here to help so if you are not 100% sure then simply request our guides or email us the bed and lamp information and we will take care of it for you. We are more then happy to supply you with your options. Please note if you do not request information and find yourself failing an inspection we can not be held liable. We don't want you in that situation and we don't want to be in it either. Let's be a team and do it right the first time and then everyone is happy and all is as it should be.


Thank you for taking the time to review this guide. Any suggestions for material inclusion are welcome!

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